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Group holidays in Bali for international students

Location: Canggu, Bali,
Number of Guests: 20

GrowPro is an international student agency with offices in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Malta, and the USA. Seeking to offer a distinctive engagement opportunity for their Australian students, we chose to organize an exclusive 7-day retreat in Bali. This retreat encompassed surfing, outdoor exploration, and nighttime festivities, all set against the stunning backdrop of the area.

Large group retreat in Morocco with
The Travel squad

Location: Morocco
Number of Guests: 60

The Travel Squad stands as an online community boasting over 100K avid travelers. With a desire to provide an exceptional surfing escapade for a group of 60 individuals in an exotic locale, they sought a dependable partner. While surfing ranks among the world’s premier sports, orchestrating such an endeavor for a sizable group demands ingenious logistical planning. Thankfully, we successfully orchestrated one of the largest surf trips to date in Morocco. Over the course of a vibrant week, 60 participants hailing from various corners of the globe not only learned to master the waves but also immersed themselves in Moroccan culture through exploration and exuberant experiences.

Exclusive annual off-site for Hokali, Californian Start-up

Location: Argentina
Number of Guests: 20

Being enthusiasts of both technology and the outdoors, we have consistently maintained a strong connection to the startup ecosystem. Given this chance, we presented a continuous solution to HOKALI, a completely remote startup situated in San Francisco, USA. They were in search of an off-site facilitator to cultivate team unity. After careful consideration, we selected the charming Argentine beach town of Carilo as the ideal location. Here, we organized a 4-day retreat that encompassed all meals, invigorating activities such as surfing and horseback riding, as well as team-building exercises.

Off Site retreat for REMAX, Spain

Location: Galicia
Number of Guests: 40

Remax, an international real estate enterprise spanning more than 100 countries globally, found the need to inspire a portion of its Spanish agent team. To address this, we orchestrated a one-day team-building event in Galicia. The schedule commenced with a therapeutic morning surf session, followed by a classic Spanish BBQ, and concluded with a team-building endeavor that included recognition and prizes.