I have never surfed in my life. Is this trip for me?

Yes, Morocco has some of the best waves in the world for all levels of surfing. You’ll learn to read the ocean, paddle, and pop up on a board to surf green waves. You’ll be coached by our professional team trained in Australia.

Do you have a schedule for the trip?

Yes, we do, this is our schedule. However, we know that it is a vacation and everyone is free to do what they want. If you are tired and want to miss a surf session it is obviously not mandatory.

How do the shared rooms work?

The rooms are for 3 people maximum with private bathrooms. Ask for the option of a private room if you want it (additional fee and subject to availability).

What is the ideal currency?

The official currency of Morocco is the dirham. The nearest exchange offices and ATM are in Aourir, a 12-minute drive from our accommodation. The shuttle will stop at an exchange office and ATM to enable you to change euros to dirhams or withdraw money. We recommend bringing €200 and a debit/credit card.

What clothes should I bring to Morocco?

The temperature is around 20 degrees during the day and may drop to 13/14 degrees at night. Raining is quite low during February, but a good amount of rain can fall when it does. We recommend bringing some hoodies, a rain jacket, and long pants.

How does airport transportation work?

To benefit from the free shuttles included in our packages, you should arrive at Agadir airport on the date planned in our camps. There will be two transfer timings available on the arrival day: 11:30 am, 4:00 pm, and 10:00 pm from Agadir airport. The return shuttle will depart on the day of departure after … Read more

Do I need a visa to enter Morocco?

Travelers from many countries do not need a Visa to visit Morocco for up to 90 days. You can check if you need a Visa and how to apply for it (if you need one) on the following link: https://www.acces-maroc.ma/#/ IMPORTANT: You need a passport with a minimum validity of 6 months.